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What actually happens when you come for therapy.


  The most important thing that we want to happen is that you feel comfortable and at ease when you come for therapy. Hopefully, an explanation here will make your first approach nice and straightforward.

Perhaps, for some time now you have had a problem, which won't go away - a phobia for instance, or feelings, such as guilt, anger or inadequacy. Maybe you have seen your doctor and had some pills prescribed for your nerves. You may even have tried other forms of alternative therapy, but still the problem persists and it might even be getting worse.

So you give me a ring or e-mail if you can't face using the phone. Between us we arrange a meeting to have a chat about your problems. In most cases, we will go straight into the first session having discussed and agreed the type of therapy best suited to your symptoms.

Having made yourself comfortable, you are guided gently into a relaxed hypnotic state, just by my voice, and sometimes some relaxing music. There are no swinging pendulums or bright lights. I will gently lead you to the areas of your mind that will help discover the causes of your problems and I will also take a few notes. At the end of the session, we have a brief discussion and make the next appointment. I will also ask you to make a note of any dreams you have between sessions, as this is very helpful to me to gauge your progress.

The cure comes about once the subconscious has released the repressed thoughts and emotions, which have been causing your problems. The change can be immediate in some while very gradual in others. Either way, this is a complete and lasting cure because by releasing the originating causes, you remove them for good.


Each  therapy session lasts 1½  hours.


General Hypnotherapy issues £90 per 90 minute session. Number of sessions depends on each case.

Smoking and other addictions: 90 minute session £90.00 These are single sessions and no follow ups are required.

Weight Management: Single 90 minute session  £90.00  These are single sessions and no follow ups are required.

Hypno Virtual Gastric Band: Three 90 minute sessions £90 each. Total £270.


All cases are treated with full confidentiality. There are no exceptions. Even close family or friends will not receive any information from this practice.


• 24 Hours notice is required for cancellation of an appointment.

• Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice or non-attendance will be charged in full.

• Notification of cancellation must be made by telephone (not e-mail or text)